Bijou Bridal Boutique – Preloved, Sample & Vintage Wedding Dresses

Bijou Bridal Boutique – Preloved, Sample and Vintage Wedding Dresses.
The place to go on the south coast if you’re looking to do beautiful on a budget.

I have some very talented and clever friends. Lots of my friends are entrepreneurs who are doing their thing and doing it well. One of my dearest friends Ella and her lovely sister Lisa have just launched a fabulous bridal boutique in a log cabin on the outskirts of Bognor Regis, West  Sussex in the village of Felpham.

It’s a really beautiful story too. Their mum loved weddings and all things glamourous. Sadly, she passed away a few years ago and left her children some money. With this money, the girls decided to pay homage to their mum and their inherited love of all things wedding and open a bridal boutique. It’s named after their mum’s first home. Seriously, how sweet is that. Their mum would be so proud. Honestly, I knew her. She really would.

Vintage Preloved Sample Wedding Dresses - Bijou Bridal BoutiqueThe boutique is stunning as are the dresses they’re selling. To date they have well over 50 dresses in stock. They’re currently in the progress of cataloguing them and adding them to their website – I’ll let you know when they’re all on the site – but I have had a sneak preview. Oh my. There’s vintage, there’s glam, there’s more lace than you can shake a stick at alongside classic simply cut dresses. They have sourced sample dresses as well as preloved dresses and I truly believe there’s something for everyone in stock.

So if you’re in the market for a preloved, vintage or any other kind of wedding dress and you want to save yourself some serious cash, pop over to Bijou Bridal Boutique and have a look, make an appointment and go try them on. You can also find them over on Facebook.