Jeremy Clarkson, Racism & #Bringbackourgirls

In a week where we have seen so much coverage about Jeremy Clarkson saying something wrong, this time apparently dropping the N word, followed by a weak apology and then denials (see this piece in the Guardian). Whilst the press have been busy reporting on this racism piece, a juicy bit of scandal, over 200 girls are still missing after being kidnapped from their boarding school by militants in northern Nigeria. The girls are reportedly being wed in mass marriages to militants and are being sold for $12 each.

Girls stolen from school, sold for $12 and then being forced in to marriage. Horrendous.


Other than the actual act itself, the shocking thing about this is these girls have been missing for over two weeks. If it wasn’t for this piece in The New Yorker, I wouldn’t have heard anything about it. Only then did I start digging to find out more – there are a few articles about from a round the time they were taken, but not much more. Over the last few days there have been posts about the #bringbackourgirls campaign but that’s not good enough.

So the press are jumping all over JC for apparently dropping the N word. Let’s talk about racism for a moment. 200 missing black girls, nothing is really happening. I am not seeing it reported or Cameron pledging support. Imagine for one moment that was 200 white girls somewhere else in the world. You can bet your bottom dollar that something would be done. There would be international condemnation and Western countries would be pledging support and offering to help in any way they can.

But 200 black African girls don’t matter.

That makes me sick to my stomach. Just imagine if it was your daughter. As an international community we should all be ashamed.

If you want to see the powers that be start doing something, head over to and add your voice. Shout about what’s happening on your social streams using #bringbackourgirls and let these 200 black African girls know they DO matter.