The Gallery: Faces

My favourite thing to photograph is people. I love capturing moments. LOVE. I have dabbled photographing products and landscapes and what have you, but photos of people are what really float my boat. I really hate staged photos, I have not bought one of Little Leg’s preschool photos for that very reason. My photos of her first day each term are so much better in my opinion.

When I saw the theme this week was faces over on The Gallery, I knew I would have a million photos to choose from. I have some photos I am very proud of, because they really do capture a moment. Like this one:

Faces - The Gallery

I was at a friend’s wedding and saw these two gents having a jolly good time. I don’t know either of them but that didn’t stop me secretly taking this photo. I didn’t want to interrupt them or make them go in to fake smile mode. So I took my position and snapped away. And don’t they just look wonderful.

I’d love to know what they’re laughing about. I really would. I hope they remember. I don’t know if they have ever seen this photo. I hope they have though and hope they like it as much as I do.