The Gallery: Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree

Here is a little snap shot of our tree, decorated by Little Legs. It’s a bit of a car crash, and when it first goes up I have had to hold off redecorating it. It’s the little ones job to do the tree. When we were kids, we did it and that tradition has passed down. It’s eclectic. There is no theme. It’s not beautiful but it is totally treasured. We always buy something to hang on the tree wherever we are in the world. That yellow bauble is from Mexico, the giraffe from Africa, the Star from Florida. That felt turkey was made for me by another blogger about four years ago (I can’t for the life of me remember who BUT it will come back to me in a minute. I know that’s terrible, sorry!!). The paper one, Little Legs made when she was one. There’s hand me downs and a plethora of home made items. This year I have been having a bit of a love affair with baubles, check these out, but still each year, our eclectic tree will continue to be like this and every year we will reminisce about our bauble collecting adventures.

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