The Gallery: World Photo Day

When I was thinking about a photo to celebrate World Photo Day, I was going to go with this one from Barbados.
BarbadosA photo I love. A photo I am proud of. But when I think about what photos and photography mean to me, this shot isn’t the reason I like to have some sort of camera close by. It’s these type of photos that get me clicking….
familyMoments. Captured moments. Personal moments. I love to take photos of the ordinary. The every day. The moments that happen for a few seconds and are then gone. My photos are often grainy and in poor light. Taken with my cracked screen iPhone.I don’t mind a squint or that yellow tinge all my photos have that are taken in my bedroom. It’s okay. It’s real life. That is what photography means to me.

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So exciting! Introducing BG School

BG School

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That place is BG School:

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We also have courses on blogger outreach and making your email newsletters work for you.
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Claire x

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The Gallery: At Home With….

The Archbolds
We don’t have many pictures of the four of us but we do have this one. It’s from last week. Our home was our bell tent. We were in Cornwall. It was wet and windy. Pretty miserable. Phil and I had to entertain Little Legs and The Boy in a small space. We had a great night. Phil decided to bundle me as I was chilling on the most uncomfortable blow up bed ever, much to the kids’ delight. Little Legs then jumped on top of him and The Boy wanted in on the action too. A perfect selfie moment. Camping in bad weather isn’t good. Camping in bad weather with two little ones is even worse. But for that night, it was okay. We’re all tired. We’re all a mess. But we are all happy.


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On 22 July 2014 – tomorrow – the UK will host #?GirlSummit?. It aims to mobilise domestic and international efforts to end female genital mutilation (FGM) and child?, early and forced marriage (CEFM) within a generation. UNICEF are co-hosing the event.

Child, early and forced marriage affects millions of girls every year.

  • One in three girls in developing countries is married by the age of 18. Some are as young as eight.
  • Girls who marry young have babies while still children, putting them at risk of death or suffering for the rest of their lives.
  • These girls are likely to be poor and stay poor.
  • In the UK, hundreds of girls risk being forced into marriage, violating their human rights.

It’s wrong.

Female genital mutilation (FGM) removes a girl’s right to have control over her own body.

  • Trends suggest at least 30 million girls will be at risk over the next decade
  • More than 20,000 at risk in the UK every year.
  • It’s extreme and violent. There’s no need.

It’s wrong.

#GirlSummit is aiming to end all this within a generation. It’s saving girls. It’s giving girls a childhood. We can all help. It’s all of our responsibility. Please pledge your support through Twitter and Facebook:

My little girl is a big girl. Kind of.

Last day at pre-school

Little Legs has finished pre-school. Come September she will be heading off to reception class at Big School.  It breaks my heart. With The Boy turning one the week before last and now this, I really feel like the last year had been a blur. My children are at a wonderful age. Little Legs particularly. She’s full of wonder and has a million questions to ask. She’s funny, she’s smart and she’s a bit of a diva. She’s the boss. Last summer she grew so much. This summer I am prepared for more of the same.

I remember when she started pre-school, September 2012. She was thrilled. She started with her little pal and they were buzzing about going. The walk to school was full of excitement.

First day of pre-school

Her pre-school is brilliant. It’s really given her the best start to the world of education. I know I am not alone in wanting to stop the clock. I also know that she’s totally ready for school. I am the one with the issues. I don’t want my baby to grow anymore.

The Boy & Little Legs

Lookalike Children

The Boy is coming up to a year old. He’s so very much like Little Legs was at this age. In the photos above, the photo of Little Legs is just after her first birthday and The Boy will be one on Wednesday. They look so similar and have many of the same personality traits but they’re also so very different. I can’t believe she starts school in September and he is now beginning to walk. Time is going too quickly. I want them to stay the age they are now forever. She’s so bright and fun and he just loves to giggle and is the cuddliest thing ever!

They have the most beautiful relationship and if I can’t make them stop growing, I can just hope their relationship grows with them.

The Gallery: Longest Day

The last week or so have been pretty exhausting for us so we, the four of us, needed a little time out. We decided to jump on the train and go to Westfield for a spot of shopping. Little Legs and I have been to London a hundred times together and I have taken The Boy, but this is the first time all four of us jumped on the train together.

We shopped. We ate. We laughed. We ate some more. We had have a great day on the longest day of the year. Little Legs was treated to a Anna’s dress and boots (the Frozen princess obvs!) and pranced about in them as happy as Larry with her little dress-up heels clipping along. She loved the attention and admiring glances. We went to Bills to eat and sup wine, and then back on the train home.

A man and his son

A lovely day and one I have very few photos of. It was a screen-free day but I did manage to capture a few moments like the two featured on the train journey. There’s so much love between these two, it really warms the cockles.

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Still loving PhotoBox!

When I was asked if I wanted some PhotoBox credits, I was all over it. If you read this blog or follow me on Instagram you know I do love a photo. My original plan was to make a wedding album – you know, better late than ever and all that. But Little Legs shamed me in to updating our photo wall. And shamed me badly. She was looking at the photos and asked me why we had all the photos on the wall. I said they were the people we loved. She studied them a little and then asked me why we didn’t love The Boy. Oops.

The Boy is a year old in a couple of weeks. It’s gone really quick. And I am ashamed to say there were no printed photos of him in the house. At all. Sorry baby boy!

Along with the additions of The Boy, I thought it was time that we updated the faded, badly printed photos I had done at home on my home computer. The result is brilliant:

Photobox review - Picture Shelf Example

The photos look fab, my lounge looks fab and Photobox make this kind of activity super easy to do. You upload and then send to print. That easy. The best thing for you fellow instagramers is you can upload straight from instagram too. Super easy. Once you have uploaded, you select your size and you’re done. You can choose from a range of sizes and a matt or gloss. They go up to a massive 45 x 30 inch poster print. On that note, I have also printed a couple of prints bigger than these which will have pride of place in the bedroom. They’re not framed yet, so I will write about them over at  my other blog, Style Arch, when I am done with the bedroom.

baby earphonesI don’t print enough these days, and if it wasn’t for the likes of Photobox making it super simple for me to do, I would print even less. And it’s cheap. Prices start at just 5p!

I have left a gap on the top left shelf for a family photo. All four of us. It’s not been taking yet, but it’s my mission to do that as soon as.

I am thrilled the results and am looking at my printer with disgust. There’s no comparison, the quality of prints is perfect.

Plus The Boy now features on the wall and Little Legs is content that we love him too.

Everyone is a winner!

Disclosure: PhotoBox gave me credits to write an honest review of how I found their service and product. You can find out more about this on my disclosure page.


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